Wednesday, 10 January 2018

the Evie Quilt

The time is fast approaching when even my sewing room will be all boxed up :(  So I'm making the most of these last few days getting some hand stitching projects all sorted and making a couple of quick quilts.

Sometimes we just need some fast project ideas, for a gift maybe, a deadline coming up real quick like our settlement date, or just to get back into sewing mode after a break. Little quilts are my favourite fast finish, a great way to try out ideas, fabrics, color combinations, and of course, just perfect for teaching purposes!

One quilt I revisit often is the bricks path quilt, a real 'utility' type of quilt. I'm finding more & more this simple rectangular shape can turn out to be a real delight, depending on your fabric choices.
I've been working on this little quilt using fabrics from my stash basket, like many I'm serious about sewing from my stash this year.

- close up of the binding

the Evie Quilt
A new quilt for Evie,
I'm sure a few sleepovers in Granny's new house will be in my future
- especially as we will be living so much closer!

So many of my favourite fabrics in this
My colour combo here was pink, taupe & blues with accents in plum & gold.
I'm thinking a vintage floral sheet backing
& the dusky pink binding will really finish this off nicely - in a girly sort of way.
Quilt top measures 150cms x 110cms, with each rectangle cut 3 1/2" x 7 1/2"

We all love a quick project once in a while
- I'd love to hear about your favourite.

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Monday, 8 January 2018

a pretty stack

On my worktable this afternoon . . .

Boxes everywhere here, but taking a break from packing the house up today
Mixing up the old with the new,
something simple
& back in my happy scrappy comfort zone 

Saturday, 6 January 2018

low volume love

I have been keeping up with my blocks for the barijquiltalong  over the summer hols and I thought I'd check today to see just how they were all looking together so far.

I'm really enjoying seeing how this restful pale palette develops
- I'm usually all bright & bold with my colour selection so this is quite a change for me

Loving putting these low volumes and pretty florals together
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Thursday, 4 January 2018


Image result for happy new year images

Happy New Year everyone! Here we are, right at the start of a whole new year. For me, this is always a good time to try & get more organized, and prioritise my WiPs. I'm keeping up with each new pattern for the boho patchwork quiltalong as they come out, have a little peep . . .

Ten little sweet 'mod tulip' blocks . . .

and some super simple 'filler' blocks . . .

Anthologie Quilt is a sampler quiltalong that I joined in with late last year. Pop on over here at barijquiltalong and here at SouthernCharmQuilts with Melanie to catch up.
Next time it's lots of Dresden plates, the biggest part of the quilt. Looking forward to adding lots of lovely extra touches to the centres, like collage, crochet lace and sashiko to give it all a little extra boho flair.

So yep, I've been looking at my WiP list and working out what's next. I'm making steady progress on my 'whimsy' blocks blocks from last year and as I come across any stripey blue fabrics I've been making up a few more 'handkerchief corner' blocks too.
And then I may have just got a little bit sidetracked {again} over the summer hols with a new project, but more about that next time.

Thursday, 21 December 2017

boho patchwork quilt {progress pics}

  • I have been making steady progress with my *'boho patchwork' quilt and am enjoying seeing how this restful pale palette develops. This quilt project is part of my 'using up the stash' mission, and I'm using a few different Art Gallery fabrics and other favourites that I've collected over the past year. It's great how they all mix up together beautifully along with my assorted low volume fabrics. 
  • Still trying to master the embroidery, it's a new thing for me. I'm doing lots of french knots, free form daisies and simple back stitch.
  • The latest pattern is a traditional one but reworked into fresh & new fabrics. There are 10 'mod tulip' blocks, only nine more to make.
  • *Anthologie Quilt is a sampler quiltalong happening over here at barijquiltalong and here at SouthernCharmQuilts with Melanie. Loving the idea of adding lots of lovely extra touches like collage, crochet lace and sashiko, giving it a little boho flair. And check out these wonderful IG links too (thanx Julie!) for more textile art ideas - bohosal bearsville50 #textilecollage #rawedgeapplique.
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Wishing you all a very . . .

. . . and a peaceful & happy holiday

I'm taking a break over the summer hols
   and I'll see you back here next year sometime

Monday, 18 December 2017

a tale of two WiPs

Taking some time out this morning,
sipping tea and pondering my next steps.

I had two WiP's that needed to be moved along . . . before we rolled over into next year. I've used some of those lovely barkcloth Outback Wife fabrics in both of these quilts, loving the vintage vibe of the floral prints. I loved reading the design stories about these fabrics too, like this one here about Elaine - follow the link to check out more. And, pop over here to redpepperquilts to read all about the latest collection.

My 'zigzag' quilt top started out with a hiss & a roar, then I got stuck . . . I wasn't happy with how it was going, maybe the dark border wasn't helping? Anyway, it ended up sitting in the unfinished pile for a few months.

So today I pulled out all my leftover fabrics, made up quite a few more blocks while I thought about what to use for the borders. I did have a large piece of blue/green fabric, Outback Wife 'Kirstene' which I had been going to use for some fussy cutting, and it ended up being just right. After a bit of auditioning & extra sewing time I'm much happier now

The 'broken dishes' quilt top,
using mainly the same fabrics, was a much easier fix yesterday though.

After I'd pieced my blocks it still didn't seem big enough, so I simply cut lengths of scrappy leftover light background fabrics into nice 4 1/2" wide borders and stitched them on. Done
Don't know why I left it so long!

And now both quilt tops are all ready for basting & quilting.
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Sunday, 10 December 2017

some slow Sunday stitching

Loving adding little bits & pieces to my 'patchwork boho' quilt blocks

I finally feel my machine applique stitch is getting tidier
and am now trying out lots of new-to-me embroidery stitches to add some detail
to my floral collage blocks . . .

Following a slightly wonky line in the fabric pattern
with a simple backstitch and some pretty varigated perle cotton . . .

Branching out a bit more with a line of sheaf stitches, great for stitching over a seam . . .

I'm using this book Boho Embroidery Projects-Traditional Stitches
from the library as my resource
- and Nichole's IG feed is full of lots of ideas I'm tempted to try too.

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